Core Principle Number One: the most critical factor in the success of a software project is the communication among the users and the developers.

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Learn more about our principles of design, and how we approach Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in a linear fashion to dramatically reduce project risk.

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A small team of elite developers is more effective than a large team of average developers.

See 'Core Principle One'.

See 'The Talent Gap’.

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Does Your Project Need Expert Help?

We have created software solutions for banks and brokers, online retailers, telecom providers, hospitals, defense contractors and digital marketers. Every time, we replaced something that didn't work well with something that did.

Along the way we learned how to deliver success, and we learned even more about how to avoid failure. Over time we developed a methodology and an outlook on traditional IT development planning and project management. We saw that bloated business models and inefficient methods were running costs and timelines out of control without any reduction in project risk.

Most importantly, we saw an opportunity to improve the status quo.

We formed Deft Software to meet the needs of modern organizations who need to blend advanced software development capabilities with deep experience working with existing enterprise systems and architecture.


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