Our Approach

Deft Software provides a complete spectrum of application development services, from consultation to software project planning to development, either as stand alone applications or within a framework of our client's choice.

For larger enterprise projects, we will consider co-investment with our customers to deliver prototypes or proof of concept materials in order to secure project funding. Contact us for more information.

Our Story

Long time friends and colleagues, each of the founders of Deft Software has over 20 years of experience delivering measurable business goals through technological innovation. In 2009, as they looked at the dramatic changes to major industries brought by innovation and disruption, they began to collaborate on the way that they could deliver the best practices they had learned as software leaders to solve the next wave of challenges that were sure to come.

For the next five years they met regularly and built out a network of developers who they trusted and who had never failed to deliver a project successfully. They consulted for large companies, worked across industries, and began to build a core set of methodologies aligned to a playbook for successful project management delivery.

In 2014 they formed Deft Software, and began to innovate around emerging enterprise challenges brought about by three key trends:


  • Emergence of Commercial IoT use cases, bringing entire new classes of devices to an enterprise IT environment with a host of associated security and management challenges.
  • Application of Big Data and AI to workflow automation in a fragmented data landscape and the need for a new set of tools and services to deliver value on investment.
  • Movement from On-Premise Software to SaaS Applications and the dramatic changes to integration, delivery and maintenance processes for IT management.


Today, Deft Software provides rapid solution development for companies seeking to unlock the promise of software innovation without an avalanche of hidden costs. We help our customers streamline their investment and deliver results quickly and effectively to their stakeholders.

Meet the Team

Deft Software Founders


Blake Nunley


Consultant, technologist, lecturer, growth marketer

American Airlines. AT&T. Bank of America. Microsoft. Oracle. Salesforce. UBS.

These are just a few of the global companies that have trusted Blake to align tools, people and processes to solve business challenges with creative solutions and deliver high value successful outcomes.


Kory Brown


Artist, musician, developer and entrepreneur

Kory has presented on the main stage at MacWorld and played music in front of thousands of fans. His design work was featured in the first Apple iPad commercial and he has been a founding team member to seven successful software startups in his career as a software developer and master of UI and design.


Wayne Wurtsbaugh


Entrepreneur, investor, developer, engineer

Wayne set aside a legal career to found Direct Access Financial Corporation, a pioneer in large scale SaaS applications for the brokerage industry which would be acquired by Bank of America and become the gold standard trading platform that is still used by 17 of the 20 largest brokerage firms in North America.

Next Steps...

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